To use effectively, read with determination TWICE, lifting your chin and squaring your shoulders each time.  Place extra emphasis on the I’s!  

  • Having a bad day?  Read these out loud!

*   I Am Soo Beautiful!  Look at my smile…my kind eyes…I know you see it too!  I’m Gorgeous!   

*  I Am Soo Smart! My problem solving abilities are recognized and sought.  My intelligence astounds!      

*  What’s done is done.  I regroup and develop new strategies.  I won’t dwell.  I’ll live, learn, and love every opportunity to show my growth! 


  • Not feeling well?  Read these quietly.  When  you feel better, read them out loud! 

*   I Am Soo Strong!   I’m not just surviving, I’m flourishing!  My resilience is mind boggling!  How do I do it?  I’m just Amazing!    

*  With my eyes closed, I see what I need physically and emotionally.  I rest.  I stretch.  I focus my healing, positive energy and I Am Well!    


  • School’s  out and the kids are home all day long!

 *  NO, I Am Not stressed.  I adore these little personifications of me and my love!  We embrace nap time, day camp, and educational television.  I am cool!      

*  I have a system.  Together time is purposefully planned.  We read, we play, we learn, and we love!  I am organized!   

*  Thank you babies, for enhancing my parenting skills, my delegating-of-chores skills, and my hugging-and-positive-reinforcement skills!  I really Love you!    

 Monday’s Message! 

*  I Am Open-Minded today!  I am not a ‘my way or the highway’ sort.  I know that there might be other perspectives, some just as …, well, almost as wise as mine!  I Am Considerate!  

*   I Know what to do when I feel a touch of procrastination coming on.  I Know to list in order of priority and to check off as I accomplish my tasks.  At times, I Know to insert time limits and deadlines so that I won’t work overtime on fun tasks and then, run out of time for difficult tasks. I Know How to get things done!        

*  When I affirm my work, my friendships, my feelings, I choose my words carefully.  I use strong, sweet, meaningful words because I am talking to someone I love!  I Am so Wonderfully Lovable!  I know that the messages I send myself will last!    

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