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What is Life Coaching?


         This form of guidance was born in the business world where a senior executive would actively encourage the ambitions of a junior executive.  Coaching evolved into guidance for various professionals, especially for those working on specific projects.  This high end, individual, self directed, personal and professional development was seen as a life enriching gift to self, provided only to those with the affluence to afford self-discovery and project support.  Coaching has further evolved into many niche specialties serving specific groups.   With an extensive background in Education and Business Administration, Coach Desiree offers personal and professional Life Strategies to fellow educators, trainers, and business managers.    

Your Goals

  Unlike counseling or therapy, Coaching does not look at your past, but rather at your present goals. As a self-directed endeavor, you list your goals and areas where you want improvement or assistance.   A Coach will challenge you; co-create and if necessary, help you to re-create your path; and, guide you to your destination.  

Your Program

 Coach Desiree believes that some elements in our past may block our accomplishment of present goals.  Her style of Coaching blends counseling with current and relevant personal and professional Life Strategies.  She  incorporates her 31 years of experience as a business manager and educator - 21 of which has been in Counseling and Program Design, to assist you in designing your personal plan of action.  

Coach Desiree


  Desiree M. Chinnery Gomez, M.Ed.  is the founder of Good Life, Inc., a non-profit organization which serves elementary school children and their parents.  Since 1993,  Good Life has offered:  Parenting classes;  Before- and After- School Tutorials;  6 Week Summer Enrichment programs; and, Beginners Tennis Lessons. Often described as an optimist, Desiree is a thoughtful guide, and a creative problem solver.  She is a Daughter, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, Divorcee, Teacher, Counselor, Clinical Educator/Mentor to New Teachers, Program Director, and a Life Strategies Coach.  She holds degrees in Sociology, Elementary Education, Guidance and Counseling, and Administration of Schools, from St. Thomas of Villanova University, Miami, Florida; and, from the University of the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, American Virgin Islands.  She has practiced in California, Florida, the American and the British Virgin Islands.

 Vision Educators, Trainers, Coaches and other successful people will choose life enrichment through this gift to self of Life Strategies Coaching!    


  Best Life Coaching, Inc. fulfills Desiree’s passion to support and encourage those who want to make a life shift for more balance, more peace, and more joy!  Best Life presents 4 offerings: 

Life Strategies Coaching by phone, one-on-one, or in small group; 

Destinations at the Studio - FREE group forums for successful people; 

Facilitator -  proofreading and editing services for those who are writing, studying or researching; and, 

Rejuvenation - a 3 to 7 day retreat to add rest, joy, and Purposeful Planning to your busy life.   


Mission To support and encourage You!  

  Coach Desiree 

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Personal Consultant

  When explaining Coaching, Desiree says, “I offer guidance to anyone who is ready to make a change their life; or who is ready to dig deeper on a specific project, in their personal or professional endeavors.  My mission is to help you find more balance, more peace, and more joy!  
Coaching is for those who know where they want to go, but need a little motivation and guidance.  It is also for those who don’t know where they want to go, but know it’s time to go!©

As your Personal Consultant and confidential Life Strategies Coach, I will help you to change your life and move to your personal next level so that you may Live Your Best Life!”



Goal  To guide in a specific time frame toward measurable fruition of individual goals.